Welcome to our Meyers Community Website!

We are an ad-hoc group of Meyers area residents and business owners who have come together to help raise awareness of new plans being proposed for Meyers, and to seek a clear and transparent planning process to ensure our entire community has a say in the future of Meyers.


Update 9/6/2017:

A new Meyers Area Plan has been released along with an environmental checklist. Public comments are due on 10/6. TRPA will hold a public hearing on 10/25. More information here.

The rumors about a roundabout at the intersection of SR 89 and US 50 are becoming a reality. Many are concerned about the location and configuration (including potential bottlenecks created by having two lanes in the roundabout that would merge back into one lane heading in each direction on all three sides), especially given the increased visitor traffic congestion we have been experiencing this past summer and winter, as well as how the project may impact chain control operations and local business access. Did you know a preliminary project report was completed last June (2015)? As has been the case lately, it does not appear many efforts were made to notify the public of this. Access the report here. The South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce recently relayed the concerns of local businesses in a letter to Caltrans – read it here. (3/16: read response). The county’s project page can be accessed here.

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted to push forward the newest version (#4) of the Meyers Area Plan for environmental review, despite numerous public requests to “listen to the residents.” Here’s a summary.

The County and TRPA have come up with another version of the Meyers Area Plan (version #4), and it does not reflect what we have heard from the majority of true (non-affiliated) community members. Learn more here, and mark your calendars to attend the upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting on 8/31 in South Lake Tahoe.

“Most of the Meyers community wants the new Area Plan. It’s just a small vocal minority against it.” We were told this is what Supervisor Veerkamp, the Board of Supervisor’s ‘appointed’ representative for the Meyers Plan, explained to several members of the public Wednesday night. We have to ask – is this true? We have talked to hundreds of our fellow community members over the last 18 months, seen over 100 surveys, and attended the meetings on our plan update, and most people want Meyers to retain the smaller, rural community character we now have. Most want new development, but within the scale of Meyers. And everyone wants a safe way to cross highway 50. But the the new TRPA-based plan gives us a lot more – more height, density (crowding), a thrown-together batch of mixed land uses, and the potential for large resort developments. A lot of this has not been discussed among the larger community. Please read more here and if you agree, please contact the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors (contact information included).

The “devil is in the details,” and many have asked about the land use & zoning changes in the new draft Meyers Area Plan. We have done our best to provide information comparing the existing Community Plan uses to the proposed TRPA-imposed uses included in the new draft Area Plan. Learn more here.

We learned our new Supervisor cannot represent Meyers on the new Area Plan:

“The County Counsel (our attorneys for the county) after much research and analysis, the legal opinion came in on Friday that Sue [Supervisor Novasel] cannot participate in the Meyers Area Plan (MAP) process due to her ownership in a business in the commercial core…For now, the County is putting the Area Plan update back into the hands of staff member Brendan Ferry and the EDC Community Development Agency for coordination.”

This means at the moment, our community has no elected representative who can represent our interests on the Meyers Area Plan. Stay tuned…

Echo Summit Partial/Full Closure for bridge repairs:
The Echo Summit Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation Project is coming and could impact our business community. Learn more.

Report from 10/16/2014 Planning Commission Meeting: 
- Resident Update: Shocking Dismissal of Community Input by Planning Commission
- See the El Dorado County documents provided to Planning Commission at Meeting

Here are some recent FAQs we’ve been hearing:
1. Was the zoning/land use really changed? Yes! 
Example: Comments on draft Jan 2014 MAP

2. Have these changes been well explained and discussed with the community? No!
We’ve tried to raise them at several meetings but getting responses has been…challenging. Here’s one example.

3. Does Meyers want the new zoning/land use in the draft Plan?
Not according to the surveys we’ve seen: Results of Meyers Resident Community Surveys (March 2014)

4. Can we place limits on the new commercial and tourist developments allowed in Meyers – with NO exceptions? No.
According to TRPA staff on May 14th, TRPA would not allow this.

5. Has there really been 2 years of good public engagement in the plan update process? No.
As noted in comments by the Chamber, the process has been anything but clear and organized.

Updated Draft Area Plan Released & Public Meeting on June 26th!

South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce speaks up for Meyers! 
Read the May 2 letter and the May 21st follow-up letter our California side chamber sent to our agencies to encourage an improved planning process for our community.

1993 Community Plan vs. 2014 Area Plan: 
What it would look like to start over with the 1993 Community Plan? In other words, what was changed by the TRPA RPU that is now creating so much heartburn in our community? If you’re a glutton for the details, check out this comment letter by several of our residents requesting we go back to the 1993 Community Plan, and then let the Community tweak it from there.

Information we’ve provided on this subject at previous meetings is now posted on our Community Plans page.

Note about “Meyers Resident” Email List:

Until now, we have been communicating with other concerned residents and business owners from in and around Meyers via email. However, as our community continues to work with our elected officials and agency representatives on the Meyers Plan Update, there have been requests for information that we haven’t found online elsewhere, and we decided it would be more helpful to provide a location people can go to for these documents, and to connect with other community members. Join our List!